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Companionship – one of our basic human needs. Having people in your life is so important, to share your special moment and carry you during the tough times. Be grateful for your friends, family, co-workers and everybody else who shares your day. We need each other, but others need you too. Be the sunshine in someone else’s storm, be the smile during someone else’s tears. Treat everyone with respect!

Who we are

We’re two sisters with a passion for people, quality products and entrepreneurship who found it difficult to imagine a life-long career as accountants. Heleen, the eldest, runs her own accounting firm and Lizelle, the youngest, is completing her Honors Degree. She realized she was following in my footsteps. We then decided that the sooner we chase after our dreams, the better.

The dream

We’ve always dreamt of creating our own South African leather brand.  The dream of our brand consisted of providing our clients with top quality leather products that are also classy, timeless and, most of all, practical.

About Zelat

ZELAT was established in 2017 specializing in designing and distributing beautiful hand-made genuine raw leather products by us. The name ZELAT is a combination of both of our nicknames: Zellie and Atta.

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